This story happened about 25 years ago. My father worked in Royadh, Saudi Arabia, and eventually took us, his whole family, to stay there with him. We were fairly new in the country, and the whole family – consisting of my parents, my two younger pre-school brothers, and myself, studying gradeschool, were shopping at Batha Commercial Center.

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It’s Your Life, Design It

To start of, I’m thankful that at such a young age I was able to travel and live in different countries. Now because of that, I suppose that it’s the reason why I’m so eager to find different opportunities and reasons to travel abroad and maybe live somewhere away from home (for a season).

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Connecting Fragments

It started when I was young –– I was born when my mother was –– and her family is Chinese, and my grandpa didn’t want me to use my dad’s last name cause they weren’t married so I used my mom’s last name… but it became a separate family when I was 3 and they decided that I lived under my father’s family because neither my parents can afford to raise me.

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Leap of faith

I remember just a few years ago. Being an advertising student at my university and asking myself, whether the choices I made and sacrifice will be all worth it. Took the leap of faith and moved back to my hometown in Japan with no plan nor expectations. Just pure faith in God that he will lead the way.

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